April 16, 2007

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In the last fifteen years technology has been increasing its presence into every day life. Nowadays we can see independent computing devices in many shapes (desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PCs, PDAs and Smartphones) and embedded in other appliances (cars enhanced with on-board computers, GPS and Internet connectivity, Internet appliances, smart refrigerators, etc.). 

At the same time we have communication support for different types of networks, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS and WiMax. The combination of small devices and connectivity gave rise to the development of mobile applications, many of which are designed to help the user in his everyday life. 

In this context we would like these applications to support short term ad-hoc networks and to be capable of reconfigure themselves as the user moves through different environments, while keeping his personal data secure. If we take this notion a step further, we can think of a future where humans interact with a seamlessly integrated cloud of processes and a partly invisible set of devices.

Open questions

Even though contemporary technology allows for the development of these kind of environments, proper engineering methods to build desired applications are still immature or entirely missing. Among the questions to ask are the following:

- What are suitable system architectures for dynamic multi-device appliances?
- Which programming languages cope best with the needs?
- How can we accommodate services provided by different vendors? 
- How should we devise our applications in order to adapt to hardware evolution?
- How can our systems interact with previously unknown sensor networks? 
- How flexible can applications adapt to new situations and what level of anticipation is unavoidable?
- How should systems be presented to end users with such a variety of computing devices?