1st International Workshop on

Software Engineering
of Pervasive Services

June 29, 2006, Lyon, France

In conjunction with the IEEE ICPS'06

Aims and Scope

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Aims and Scope

With the downsizing of computers and electronic appliances of various types, all of them featuring communication capabilities, we enter a new communication era where the communication becomes quasi permanent and ubiquitous. This pervasive communication will extend along three dimensions:

1. the machine-to-machine dimension,
2. the human-to-machine dimension,
3. the human-to-human dimension.

Obviously these dimensions have been existing for decades. What is new is their strong interaction, due to a high degree of physical mix, which will create a new kind of interface allowing more natural, imperceptible modes of communications, towards what is called ”ambient intelligence” (c.f. Riva et al).

Important goals of this workshop are to identify the specificities of the related developments regarding software engineering problems:

We strongly hope to bring together ideas and experiments and give a solid contribution to these new directions of research.

For any inquiry please contact Pascal Cherrier.

List of topics

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Emerging programming paradigms for development:
advanced autonomous agents techniques, aspects-oriented approaches, advanced reflective approaches in object-oriented environments, others.

2. Theoretical means:
ideas and works towards solid theoretical foundations for these problems of software engineering for services where the material support of the user interaction is essentially unstable. Like other areas of research where computer sciences and networks are intimately linked, the formalisation of theoretical questions is of great interest, including and not restricted to:

3. Middleware and architecture:
undoubtedly the middleware and architectures have key roles in the development of pervasive services. We are mainly interested in questions about virtual machines. Are there techniques, ideas, experimental results to assure more secured and reliable systems which support the execution of distributed services on mobile devices?
4. User interaction in a futuristic point of view:
which new problems are induced by the goals that pervasive services expect to achieve, i.e. give to the users the ability to live in a new kind of computerised computing environment in such a way that surrounding seems to be very much reacting and more both sensitive and sensible.
This includes software engineering problems, solutions and methodologies for the development of interactive controlling gear in the wide range of possibilities from mobile phones keyboards to virtual reality mechanisms and devices.
We are particularly interested in the generalisation of experimental results on light mobile devices enriched with new interactive mechanisms (3D mobile augmented reality, etc)

Paper Submission and Proceedings

Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts, which should be written in English and with a very precise and concise presentation of no more than 6 pages in IEEE double-column format.  Authors are invited to send their manuscripts as an attachment (PDF format) by email to the Workshop contact organizer Pascal Cherrier. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper.

Publication of selected papers can be provided in a special journal issue of IEE Software. We will decide upon additional workshop proceedings after the submission is closed.

Important Dates

  • Submission of papers: May 15th, 2006
  • Notification of acceptance: May 31st, 2006
  • Workshop date: June 29, 2006
  • Organizers

    Pascal Cherrier, France Telecom, France (contact organizer, pascal.cherrier [at]
    Daniel Stern, France Telecom, France (daniel.stern [at]
    Holger Mügge, University of Bonn, Germany (muegge [at]
    Wolfgang de Meuter, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium (wdmeuter [at]
    Eric Tanter, University of Chile, Chile (etanter [at]

    Accepted Papers and Workshop program

    You can download the detailed workshop program here.

    Workshop Report

    You can download an extensive workshop report here.