topics of ot4ami

object technology for ambient intelligence and pervasive systems

topics in detail

The following topics shall characterize the thematic focus of the ot4ami workshop:

Programming ModelsConcepts for coping with new levels of dynamicity and security, advanced modularization mechanisms, impact of the specificities of small mobile equipments on the software in terms of object-oriented concepts.

ReflectionWhy could it be interesting to devise advanced reflective virtual machines? What about security and reflection?

Security issues: Network security problems, keyboard manipulations, specific attacks (for example heat attacks, hardware manipulations, exploitation of SMS and MMS), impacts on the software infrastructure. Security policies: How to bridge the gap between (too) low-level and (too) high-level rules? How to take structural constraints into account?

Software AdaptationMobile software must continually adapt itself to potentially unanticipated environments. How can this be tackled?

Context Modelling: What are the most promising ways to model context and integrate it into the software architecture?

Biologically-Inspired Concepts: Biological systems are very robust and adapt very well to their context.  Robustness and adaptivity are at the very core of the demands in Ambient Intelligence. By borrowing concepts from such systems can we find new ways create software that is robust and adaptive to a large extent?

Software Engineering for Autonomous Systems: Currently we see a large gap between programming autonomous system (or even experimenting with emergent behaviour) on the one hand and the development methods for mobile context-sensitive software. More generally, are the current approaches to analysis, modelling and development able to cope with the specific demands of mobile software?

Device-Device and Human-System InteractionWhat are the requirements for embedded virtual machines? How do the existing models (Java, Smalltalk, Scheme, Python) differ from each other in handling events and communicating with people and other devices? Do they enable the software to exploit spontaneous collaborations between multiple devices and people?


may 20, 2007 - submission

may 31, 2007 - notification

june 15, 2007 - early registration

june 22, 2007 - final version

july 30, 2007 - ot4ami workshop

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