object technology for ambient intelligence and pervasive systems


The goals of this workshop are to identify and discuss the impact of Ambient Intelligence on object-oriented technologies and vice versa. Join us to outline fruitful paths for future research on the connection between Ambient Intelligence and object-oriented programming languages and systems. 


The presentations are all scheduled in the morning such that the afternoon can be used to work on emerging topics.

Session 1: Context-Aware Programming Abstractions (9:00h - 10:30h)

  • Introducing Context-Awareness in Applications by Transforming High-Level Rules (Carlos Andrés Parra, Maja D'Hondt, Carlos Noguera, Ellen Van Paesschen)
  • Reasoning About Past Events in Context-Aware Middleware (Eline Philips, Christophe Scholliers, Charlotte Herzeel and Stijn Mostinckx)
  • Pervasive Communication: The Need for Distributed Context Adaptations (Jorge Vallejos, Brecht Desmet, Pascal Costanza and Wolfgang De Meuter) 
  • Context-Aware Leasing for Mobile Ad hoc Networks (Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Jorge Vallejos, Jessie Dedecker and Wolfgang De Meuter) 

Session 2: Distributed Programming Abstractions (11:00h - 12:30h)

  • AmI: The Future is Now (Johan Fabry and Carlos Noguera) 
  • Ambient-Oriented Programming in Fractal (Ales Plsek, Philippe Merle and Lionel Seinturier) 
  • Dealing with Ambient Intelligence Requirements --- Are Self-adaptive Mobile Processes a feasible Approach? (Holger Schmidt, Rüdiger Kapitza and Franz J. Hauck) 
  • Proximity is in the Eye of the Beholder (Peter Barron, Jessie Dedecker, Éric Tanter) 

Presentations shall be concise and brief (about 7-10 minutes) and focus on a clear position statement as described in the paper. After each presentation there will be a 10 minute discussion.

Afternoon Sessions (14:00h - 17:30h)

Breakout groups and/or discussions on emerging topics.


Hardware is becoming so small such that it can be embedded into everyday physical objects, such as books, clothes, walls, etc… Due to this level of integration the software becomes aware of its physical surroundings due to interactions with other nearby devices. 

This peculiar setting, which is also known as "Ambient Intelligence", "Pervasive Computing" or "Ubiquitous Computing", puts new challenges on the software that runs on this hardware. However, the software requires a new level of dynamicity and context-sensitivity to adapt to its ever-changing physical surrounding. This ranges from context-sensitive adaptation of UI and functionality to emergent behaviour of spontaneously cooperating applications. 
At the same time the demands on security, stability and usability will increase strongly, while resources of the underlying hardware platform are sometimes very restricted. 

This workshop explores the relationship between object technology and the evolving field of Ambient Intelligence. Important goals are to identify the requirements of Ambient Intelligence imposed on object-oriented software, to detect limitations of current approaches and to explore the space of possible future developments. In particular, we aim to outline the most significant open issues and the most promising research directions.


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