38. Jahrestagung, Gesellschaft für
		      Informatik e.V. (GI), München

Workshop für Mobiles Spielen (Mobile Gaming '08)

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09h15-09h30Willkommensgruß und Einführung in das Thema
09h30-10h00Keynote: Mobile Gaming - ein paar Anmerkungen zur aktuellen Lage - Prof. Dr. Barbara Grüter
11h00-11h30On the choice of programming languages for developing location-based mobile games - Leif Oppermann
(15 Minuten Vortrag + 10 Minuten Diskussion) [Zusammenfassung]
Abstract: This paper reflects on the choice of programming languages for developing distributed interactive systems such as location-based mobile games. It highlights key strengths and weaknesses of the popular languages and frameworks for the mobile- as well as the server-side. The paper analyses the technological choices made in five different location-based game projects and recommends considering the use of a single language across all different system components to mitigate complexity and strive for productivity.
11h30-12h00ECHOES - A Crazy Multiplayer Pervasive Game Karen Detken, Carlos Martinez, Darren Carlson, Varvara Guljajeva, Mari Klara Oja, Andreas Schrader
(15 Minuten Vortrag + 10 Minuten Diskussion) [Zusammenfassung]
Abstract: Computer games play an increasing role in our modern information society. Besides pure entertainment, games can provide valuable input for social interaction, learning, etc. Recently, new pervasive game genres have been developed, including mobile games, tangible games, table-top games, exhaustive games, mixed reality games, etc. Main motivation for all these approaches is to get rid of the restricted environment of a single player sitting in front of a display. Pervasive games extend the traditional game experience by supporting natural contexts with game experiences. In this paper we present ECHOES as a new mobile pervasive multi-player game played outside the boundaries of a building. ECHOES combines the classic features of hunting games with the logic of riddles to create a fun and exhaustive experience in a city. Main feature of ECHOES is the use of online image web portals as a communication channel between context-aware mobile devices. We outline the system architecture, report about our experiences with implementation and testing, and outline future work.
12h00-12h30Context, emergent game play and the mobile gamer as producer - Stephan Wolff, Barbara Grüter
(15 Minuten Vortrag + 10 Minuten Diskussion) [Zusammenfassung]
Abstract: The emerging tensions between the mobile application logic and the unfolding dynamic context of use belong to the core challenges of ubiquitous computing today. Starting from and with reference to our experiences with mobile gaming in a game world, combining real world with virtual dimensions, we explore the mobile play activity as a source for the development of solutions. While the mobile gamer as producer of play possibilities before the game is pretty well understood, emergent game play and the mobile gamer as producer of novel play possibilities during the game rise conceptual and technological questions.
14h00-15h00Wohin bewegt sich Mobile Gaming? - Podiumsdiskussion mit Anne-Kathrin Braun, Barbara Grüter, Sebastian Matyas, Leif Oppermann, Andreas Schrader und Natascha Jasmin Tiotuico
16h00-18h00Hands on mobile gaming