38. Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für
              Informatik e.V. (GI), München

Workshop for Mobile Gaming '08

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.: Workshop for Mobile Gaming :.


Thanks to all participants for your active contributions that made the workshop a success!

Mailinglist and Planned Further Activities

We plan to initiate further workshops on the topic of Mobile Gaming and have set up a mailing list that you are welcome to join and actively make use of.

Time and Place

The workshop took place at 9th September, 2008 at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (2008-09-08 to 2008-09-13) in Munich.

Workshop motivation

Mobile Games rely on physical movement of players in a world that weaves the real environment and virtual dimensions together. They combine two gaming traditions in a novel way, which have been mutual exclusive till now: outdoor games and computer games.

Mobile games are games of the 21st century employing technologies of the 21st century. They combine mobility with pervasiveness in small, portable devices that can be used on the way. The devices become equipped with models of their surrounding area being enabled to react to other devices in their environment. That is why from a technological perspective, mobile games are typical examples of ubiquitous computing.

At the same time, mobile games are games in traditional sense. Since the beginning of time, humans are playing games as integral part of their culture. Playing comes with the territory like eating, breathing or sleeping. "Homo Sapiens" have always been “Homo Ludens”. Within the game one tries the impossible. You define gaming rules and accept them voluntarily as artificial limitations just to transgress natural or social borders of reality within the imagined game world.

Beyond pastime, games reflect reality and provide a learning playground. In the course of centuries games advanced together with intellectual and technological society achievements.