As of 01.05.16 this is a historic site. While SAM is not active any more, its former members are. The SAM research inspired the formation of two companies: Qeevee and Quest Mill. In case you want to contact a former member, a web search will easily find current contact information. You may as well send a mail to Daniel Speicher. The current research group of the former group lead Prof. Dr. (em.) Cremers is located at the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology.

SAM in Keywords

The main keywords describing our current research focus are:

Research Projects


A component-based platform for adaptive, networked systems in the area of building trade.


Component-based integration of data and services.


Context Sensitive Intelligence (CSI) researches for support of context-driven adaptivity for software systems.


Prompt Access to the Right Documents at the Right Time.


Moderation tool support as a CSI usecase.


Context aware bicycle tours.

Adaptive Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming more flexible than ever before.


Interoperability and reusablity of internet services.


Open paleoecological information system.


Use structural metadata of software expressing semantic relations to check and preserve structural features of software quality and support architecture-based, systematic evolution of software.


We stay actively in contact with several partners from universities, research institutes and industry. Among our cooperation partners are:

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Pervasive Computing and User Interface Engineering Group, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Humboldt Universtät Berlin, Horst Görtz Institut der Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Ravensburger AG.


Our research group emerged from the project group on software ergonomics and CSCW (ProSec). You'll find further information on the ProSec website.


ESREA Conference 2015

"Learning in Community Through Mobile Storytelling and Location-Based Game" See publications in Adaptive Mobile Gaming

Agile 2010

Seminar and Lab this summer.

Mobiles Spielen

Projektgruppe in Winter Term 09/10.

Workshop at the GI-Conference 2009

2nd Workshop für Mobiles Spielen (Mobile Gaming '09).

Spielemarkt 2009

Meet our AMOGA project at our booth at the Spielemarkt Remscheid 2009.

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